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Persian carpet


The History of the Persian Carpet

The history of the Persian carpet goes back a long way and is rich in tradition and cultural heritage. The production of carpets in Persia, now Iran, can be traced back up to 2500 years. Persian carpets are famous for their artistic design, fine craftsmanship and use of high quality materials.

During the Safavid dynasty (16th to 18th centuries), the carpet industry in Iran reached its peak. The Safavid rulers promoted art and culture and commissioned renowned artists to create magnificent carpets for royal palaces and court ceremonies. These Persian carpets, as they are known today, were often decorated with flowering gardens, animal motifs and ornate patterns.

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The different types of Persian carpets

Persian carpets are famous for their quality, craftsmanship and beauty. There are a variety of Persian carpets that differ in design, origin and pattern. Here are some of the most well-known types of a Persian rug:

Bijar Persian carpet: Bijar carpets have their origins in the city of Bijar (also known as Bijar) in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. These Persian rugs are famous for their exceptional durability, tight weave and hard-wearing wool.

Isfahan Persian carpet: Isfahan is a city in central Iran known for its magnificent carpets. An Isfahan Persian carpet is characterized by fine weaving, delicate patterns and usually floral or medallion-like designs.

Keshan Persian carpet: Kashan is an ancient city in central Iran and a center for carpet making. Keshan carpets are known for their fine weaving, delicate patterns and use of silk. The patterns can include medallions, flowers or garden motifs.

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How to properly care for your Persian carpet

A Persian carpet is a true work of art that is durable and can provide you with long-lasting enjoyment. To maintain the beauty and value of your Persian rug, careful care is necessary. Here are some tips for cleaning and preservation:

Use a protective pad to keep the carpet in place and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Vacuum the carpet regularly (once or twice a week) to remove dust and dirt. Be sure to handle the fringe carefully to avoid damage.

For stains such as red wine, act immediately and rinse the stain with warm water. If necessary, use liquid gall soap, but not chemical cleaning agents, to preserve the wool's protective film.

These simple steps will keep your carpet clean.

The Persian carpet - a work of art with tradition 

Hand-knotted Persian carpets are known worldwide for their high quality and the art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest in the world. Browse our wide selection of unique, hand-knotted Persian rugs, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

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Hand-knotted Persian carpet of outstanding quality

Experience the different shapes and sizes of the unique Persian carpets, which are known all over the world for their outstanding quality. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful designs of the handcrafted Persian carpets, such as the elegant Kashan Persian carpets, which are all knotted from high-quality wool and stand out with their particularly majestic patterns.

Experience wonderful patterns and stylish designs of Persian carpets made from high-quality wool.

You will also discover the artistic patterns of the excellent Nain carpets made from Persian craftsmanship, which usually have a central medallion and floral patterns. You will also be amazed by the unique style of the Qom Persian carpets, which skillfully draw attention to themselves with a variety of things, from idyllic landscapes to fantastic flower medallions. Get your favorite Persian carpet and stylishly upgrade your home.


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