Loribaft carpets

Loribaft carpets


Loribaft carpets - unique home decor with tradition

The Loribaft carpet, made in the southern province of Fars in what is now Iran, is one of the modern Persian carpets and is a prominent member of the "Gabbeh carpets" genus. Gabbeh carpets come from the south of Persia, while the Loribaft carpet is considered the premium model of Gabbehs. Nomadic artisans have been making these rugs using traditional handcraft for centuries and so they are still made in the same way today.

Compared to classic Persian carpets, the Loribaft carpet is characterized by its modern patterns and the use of high-gloss wool. The designs of Loribaft carpets are highly stylized and draw on elements from the tradition of nomadic Persian carpets.

The Loribaft rug is available in a variety of colors, with natural tones and Loribaft red, one of the most well-known colors for Persian rugs, being the most common, as well as green and blue. The Loribaft is available in many different shades of red, all of which have natural and reserved tones. Shades of brown are also often used to make Loribaft carpets. The colors of a real Persian rug are bold but never intrusive or bright, making it easy to combine a Loribaft rug with any furniture color and interior style.

Loribaft carpets - the unusual nomadic carpets from the Orient

The Gabbeh Loribaft carpets from our range are a finer version of the Gabbeh carpet and are hand-knotted in southwest Persia. These rugs are characterized by colorful, geometric patterns and monochrome designs and are mainly in a color spectrum of red, cream, brown and yellow. Occasionally you can also find blue nuances.

Depending on the viewing angle, the pile yarns of the Lori carpet can be clearly seen in light and dark shades. This is because the pile yarn runs transversely to the lengthwise direction, which means the colors shimmer brighter and the carpet is more resistant to dirt.

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What makes Loribaft carpets so unique

The most famous nomadic carpets from Iran are Gabbeh carpets. They are traditionally made by the nomads of the Ghashghai tribe in Fars province. Originally, the soft carpets were used by nomads as floor coverings and as a sleeping surface. Loribaft carpets are Gabbeh carpets, but with their extremely fine and much denser weave they achieve a quality of the highest level. Translated into German, Loribaft means “knotted by the Lori tribe”.

As with the classic Gabbeh, two different threads in the Loribaft Persian carpet are twisted together and tied with the traditional Senneh knot. However, compared to the normally good Gabbeh carpet, the weaving of Loribaft carpets is up to five times finer and takes up to six times longer. While very coarse Loribaft Gabbeh carpets often have less than 70.000 knots per square meter, a Loribaft with a very fine weave reaches 250.000 knots and more.

Only hand-spun, high-quality sheep's wool is used for the pile of Loribaft carpets. Pure virgin wool or high-quality cotton is also often used for the lap and warp. Natural plant colors create beautiful natural tones. The stylish Persian models are often excellently imitated by Indian manufacturers and offer an attractively priced alternative. Indian Loribafts are also characterized by high quality and softness and are just as robust and hard-wearing.

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