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Why purple rugs are an excellent choice for your home

Purple rugs are more than just floor coverings - they are works of art that add a creative touch to your home. At BeyondKnots, we offer an impressive selection of purple rugs that will not only enrich your interior but also reflect your personality. Find out why purple rugs are a great choice for any room in your home.

Purple radiates calm and serenity and creates a relaxed atmosphere. A purple carpet can serve as a central element in the room and create a harmonious environment. Our collection includes various shades of purple - from soft lavender shades to deep, rich violet variations. Whether you prefer a modern or classic feel, you'll find the perfect purple rug with us.

Carpets in purple - an expression of your personality

A carpet can say a lot about a person's taste and personality. A purple rug allows you to express your creative side and add a touch of sophistication to your space. Purple is often associated with individuality, creativity and spirituality. By choosing a purple rug, you show your unique style and sense of aesthetics.

Our purple rugs are handmade and made from high quality materials that ensure a long service life. From modern designs like the Gabbeh Lilac to oriental patterns like the Vintage Lilac, we offer a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect purple rug for your home.

A patchwork carpet in purple - exclusivity for your home

In our range you will find unique patchwork carpets in purple that are simply an unusual eye-catcher. The Patchwork Kayen impresses with its first-class and stylish design and looks fabulous in the living room, bedroom and study.

BeyondKnots is your purple rug expert

At BeyondKnots, we are proud to offer you high-quality purple rugs that will enhance your home and enhance your personal style. Our rugs are made by talented craftsmen who work with great care and dedication. Each purple carpet is unique and tells its own story.

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This is what our customers say on trustpilot

Top quality, great customer service! I found my dream rug at BeyondKnots! Everything went smoothly. From ordering, customer service to delivery! I received a high quality and beautiful carpet. Always my pleasure.

Victoria I

Ordering and processing was super uncomplicated. Large selection and good quality. Carpet also looks great, like in the pictures. Always happy!

Stephen P

We are totally thrilled!! Our new rug fits perfectly into the living room and is even more beautiful than we thought! Thank you for the nice advice and the fast delivery!

Anahita Richter

Beautiful cushion covers - exactly as in the photos! Delivery came quickly - I am completely satisfied. It definitely won't be my last purchase from Beyond knots.

Katrin Theissing