Ziegler carpets

Ziegler carpets


Immerse yourself in the history of Ziegler carpets!

In the 19th century, the Swiss Philipp Ziegler founded the carpet factory in Manchester, which is still headquartered in the city today. Due to increasing demand, Ziegler set up his first carpet production in western Iran, in Arak, in 1872. At that time, Ziegler carpets were chemically dyed with aniline, which caused the colors to fade quickly. Today this “mishap” is the symbol of the Ziegler carpet.

Ziegler carpets are known for their unique designs, quality and durability. Each carpet is traditionally handcrafted by experienced master weavers and is therefore unique. Ziegler carpets are available in various sizes and designs and can enhance any room.

The Ziegler carpet manufacturer has a long and proud history and is still an important part of the carpet industry today. The high quality standards and decades of experience make Ziegler carpets a special piece of jewelry for every home. All of our brick rugs are hand-knotted and made from pure new wool.

Exclusive Ziegler carpets - experience our range

If you are looking for a unique and long-lasting rug, then you should definitely check out Ziegler rugs. They suit any interior style and can complement both traditional and modern interiors. Whether you prefer a rustic or modern style, a Ziegler rug is a perfect addition to any room. They are also very durable and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.

The Ziegler carpets are available in different sizes and designs and can enhance any room. They are an investment in a durable and beautiful piece of furnishings that will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.

At BeyondKnots you will find a large selection of fantastic Ziegler rugs!

Modern Ziegler carpets with an antique look

To achieve the distinctive, antique look for which Ziegler carpets are known and valued, they are stonewashed and bleached in the sun. This process gives the carpets their special look and makes them a real eye-catcher in every home.

Manufactured by hand and knotted in an old tradition - the Persian carpet that also fits the modern furnishing style: Ziegler carpets are knotted by hand and in an old tradition, which gives them a special quality. This process is time consuming and requires a lot of care and skill, but the result is worth it. The carpets are robust and durable and will certainly provide years of enjoyment.

Ziegler carpets at Beyonknots - noble and valuable

Our Ziegler carpets are made from natural dyes and high-quality, hand-spun virgin wool. The rugs are stonewashed and sun-bleached to achieve the distinctive, antique look for which they are known and valued. Our Ziegler carpets are still knotted by hand in an old tradition. In addition, the oriental elements are combined with a modern style, which allows many people to combine a real oriental carpet with modern furnishings. Ziegler carpets are made from natural dyes and high-quality, hand-spun virgin wool, which makes them something very special. By using natural colors, the carpets remain beautiful for a long time and do not fade quickly. The virgin wool used for production is of the highest quality and ensures a soft and comfortable feel.

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