Carpets by shape

The choice of the shape of a rug is very important as it can shape the character of a room and complement its architecture. Below we look at different shapes of carpets and their effect on the feeling of space.

Rectangular Rugs: Rectangular rugs are the most common shape. They are ideal for long, large rooms or under long tables and sofas. They help define the space and create a clear line and structure. They are very suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Square Rugs: Square rugs are best for square rooms as they help define the space and create a balanced feel. They can also be placed very well under square or round tables or in smaller rooms to cover the floor and create a cozy feeling.

Round Rugs: Round rugs can help break up the hard lines of a room and create a sense of movement and fluidity. They work well under round tables, in children's rooms or in areas where you want to focus on a specific point, such as. B. can be used under a chandelier or in the middle of a room.

Oval Rugs: Oval rugs combine the length of rectangular rugs with the softness of round rugs. They can be used well in elongated rooms or under oval tables. They can also help create a sense of movement and flow in a space.

Runners: Runners are narrow, rectangular rugs that are primarily used in hallways or long, narrow rooms. They can help guide the way and create visual flow in your home. These are also very suitable in the kitchen.

The shape of rug you choose depends on the dimensions of your room, the style of your furniture, and your personal preferences. A well-chosen rug can define a room, create a cozy atmosphere and serve as a work of art for your floor. We would be happy to help you choose!

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