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Carpets: The art of interior design

Carpets are more than just floor coverings. They are works of art that can transform spaces. At BeyondKnots you will find a fascinating collection of rugs that can appeal to your senses and bring your rooms to life. Learn about the different types of rugs and how they can take your interior design to new levels.

With us you will find fascinating carpets in a wide variety of styles.

This is what makes our carpets so special

Our rugs are made in the traditional way, with every step carefully carried out by skilled craftsmen.

The basis of most carpets is high-quality wool, which is spun by hand using a complex process. The coloring is then carried out using natural color pigments.

The actual weaving and knotting takes place on traditional looms, with each knot being placed precisely and lovingly by hand. This skill is demonstrated by the fact that skilled weavers can tie up to a thousand knots per hour.

Before finishing each rug, possible flaws are corrected and the edges are perfected.

After completion, the carpet goes through a washing process and is carefully trimmed. Finally it is dried in the bright sun. This step not only helps drying, but also gives the colors a natural brilliance and softens the contrasts.

Modern elegance: Our collection of modern rugs

Our modern carpet collection is a paradise for lovers of contemporary design. The modern rugs from BeyondKnots impressively combine functionality and aesthetics. From minimalist monochrome carpets to vibrant color explosions - here you are sure to find the perfect carpet to give your room that certain something.

Discover our modern carpets here.

Timeless beauty: vintage carpets to fall in love with

Vintage carpets tell stories from the past and give your home a unique touch. At BeyondKnots we have a fine collection of vintage rugs and exclusives Patchwork carpetsthat impress with their timeless beauty. These rugs are not only decorative elements, but also investments in quality and history.

Browse our vintage rug collection here.

Persian carpets - cultural heritage in every knot

The splendor and the craftsmanship Persian carpets are legendary. At BeyondKnots, we are proud to offer an exquisite selection of Persian rugs that celebrate the tradition and heritage of this art form. Every knot tells a story and every rug is a masterpiece. In our huge range you will find every type of Persian carpets, from the famous ones Grandmother (North Wales) and Tabriz carpets to unknown treasures like the Mod and Kerman carpets.

Discover the world of Persian carpets here and let yourself be enchanted by their beauty.

Our silk carpets - luxury for the senses

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, ours are silk carpets the perfect choice. These handcrafted carpet masterpieces are not only incredibly delicate and shiny, but also of the highest quality. They add a feeling of elegance and sophistication to your space. Discover Qom silk carpets or off Cashmere silk

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury with our silk rugs here and experience luxury for the senses.

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Top quality, great customer service! I found my dream rug at BeyondKnots! Everything went smoothly. From ordering, customer service to delivery! I received a high quality and beautiful carpet. Always my pleasure.

Victoria I

Ordering and processing was super uncomplicated. Large selection and good quality. Carpet also looks great, like in the pictures. Always happy!

Stephen P

We are totally thrilled!! Our new rug fits perfectly into the living room and is even more beautiful than we thought! Thank you for the nice advice and the fast delivery!

Anahita Richter

Beautiful cushion covers - exactly as in the photos! Delivery came quickly - I am completely satisfied. It definitely won't be my last purchase from Beyond knots.

Katrin Theissing