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Gashgai carpets


Gashgai carpets - traditional flair from Iran

The production of traditional Ghashghai carpets is a centuries-old art of weaving that is passed down from generation to generation. The center of their production is in the region around the city of Shiraz in southwestern Iran, where the Ghashghai nomad tribe has settled. The carpet they knotted is considered the “king of Persian nomad carpets” and is a testament to their high artistic talent.

In contrast to other types of carpets, there are no templates for Ghashghai carpets. Instead, the weaving masters follow their creative inspiration and their keen sense of colors and shapes. They use their immediate surroundings as inspiration, so Ghashghai carpets are predominantly decorated with motifs from the lively flora and fauna of Iran. The weaving masters implement their ideas with great care and attention to detail, resulting in unique and beautiful carpets.

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We at BeyondKnots are proud to present an exquisite selection of hand-knotted Gashgai rugs that have been carefully selected. We offer a variety of sizes, colors and patterns to ensure every customer can find the perfect rug for their home.

Gashgai carpets are known for their typical reddish-brown base color and are often inspired by the daily surroundings of nomads. The motifs often include human figures, animals such as horses and birds, as well as trees and flowers. The nomads do not stick to a given design or template, but rather create according to their memories and personal taste. The carpets often have a medallion in the middle, which is then repeated in the corners.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern Gashgai rug, BeyondKnots has everything you need.

Classic design meets modern carpets

In the collection you will find both classic and modern designs that fit perfectly into any home. The carpets are available in different sizes and can therefore also be placed in smaller rooms.

In addition to the beauty of the carpets, the Gashgai collection also impresses with its longevity. The materials used are of high quality and ensure that the carpets still look like new even after years. Discover our diverse selection of Gashgai rugs now and give your home that certain extra something. Each piece is a special work of art and will enhance your rooms.

The Gashgai are a nomadic people who live in southwest Iran near the city of Shiraz. In summer they move to the Zagros Mountains with their huge flocks of sheep. Here they escape the heat and find enough pasture for their animals.

The Gashgai produce everything they need to knot the carpets themselves. The men look after the sheep and the women spin, dye and knot their wool into sophisticated nomadic carpets.

The life of the Gashgai also determines the pattern of their carpets. You work without a template and your animals, ancient Persepolis or the Persian lion are often found as motifs. Typical of these Persian carpets is their reddish-brown color.

The Gashgai collection offers you a variety of handmade carpets from Persia. Each piece is unique and was made by experienced artisans. The Gashgai are known for their high-quality materials and precise workmanship. Everything is produced by you yourself: from herding sheep to spinning and dyeing the wool, right through to the finished carpets.

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