Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan
Oriental Isfahan

Oriental Isfahan

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Product Details

Size: 1.03mx 0.70m 


Flower: 90% virgin wool & 10% silk

Weft & warp: 100% silk 

Quality: hand knotted

Node number: 950.000 / m2

Pile height: 8 mm

Origin: Iran



‌In the heart of Iran lies the city of Isfahan, the former capital of Persia during the Safavid dynasty (1501-1736). It is often referred to as the most elegant and beautiful city in the country and is home to some of the best weavers in the country. Carpets from Isfahan are probably among the most valuable hand-knotted Persian carpets in the world.

A combination of probably the best properties of sheep's wool and pure silk. The natural wool is characterized by its high durability, dirt-repellent properties and thermal insulation. At the same time, the silk content creates a unique shine that seems to glow from the right angle.

Carpets from Isfahan are considered to be the finest of all Persian carpets. The carpets are characterized by a knot density of over 800.000 knots per square meter. They are made of high-quality wool and silk and feature elaborate detailed patterns. The design of these carpets is mostly inspired by the impressive mosques and squares of the city of the same name. A craft that can only be carried out by the most experienced master weavers. 

The colors of this rug vary depending on which side it is viewed from. This means that the carpet has a light and a dark side because of the location of the pile. You can play with this visible effect and decide in advance where the light side of the carpet should be visible.


Hand knotted and hand woven

Every single carpet is 100% hand-knotted or hand-woven and is made by nomads and master weavers according to ancient patterns and traditions.


Sustainable and natural

Our carpets are made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable materials such as virgin wool and silk. The distinctive colors are naturally derived from plants.



Save money with wholesale pricing. We source the carpets directly from the weavers in each country. There are no middlemen and we have thousands of rugs in our warehouse ready to ship.



For decades we have traveled the world to select the most unique, high quality rugs. We excel at finding the perfect rug for you.

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